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CoinDesk Consensus 2021 Article

Consensus CoinDesk May 24-27th has brought together some of the top crypto artists in the space for a legendary art exhibition inside VR!

Long The Metaverse VR Exhibition Overview

“Long The Metaverse” VR Exhibition is a special event during CoinDesk Consensus 2021 featuring two galleries showing incredible works from top cryptoartists in various mediums. We will host multiple live streams with artist interviews over the course of four days.

We invite you to come by the galleries, and check out the live streams! The spaces are accessible via a VR Headset, Desktop PC in your browser. The streams will also be available as archived VoDs after the event. We look forward to seeing you there!

The artists will be getting together for roundtable talks, inside VR, for 30 minutes during the CoinDesk event to talk about works and NFTs in the metaverse.

Artists: Skeenee, Rare Designer, Legendary, Alotta Money, Reinhard, Sturec, Brendan Dawes, Bryan Brinkman, Arsenic Lullaby, FrankyNines, George Boya, Didier RA, Giant Swan, Coldie, Godfrey Meyer, Spaced Painter, CryptoSpectr, Josie, Metageist, Marc0Matic, DankVR, Van, Sabet, Twisted Vacancy, Ekaitza , Giant Swan , John Orion Young (JOY)

Event Manager: Stephanie Izquieta Production: Godfrey Meyer Curators: Annissa Whale, DeCryptolorian(DC) Whale Community: Website, Twitter, Discord

You can access the galleries in VR, or on a PC. It is highly reccomended that you use a gaming PC, or a high end GPU for the best viewing expierence.

Public Exhibit A:

Instance 1, Instance 2, Instance 3 (24 Users Max Per Room, you can also create a private instance if you would like)

Public Exhibit B:

High End PC/MACs Only: Instance 1, Instance 2, Instance 3 (24 Users Max Per Room, you can also create a private instance if you would like)


Main Event Dates: Mon 24th to the Thurs 27th Consensus 2021 Website

VR Talk Date(s):

Artists / Works On Display


“Forward Together - Bitcoin Edition”

Forward Together - Bitcoin Edition by Josie Bellini

“Forward Together - Ethereum Edition”

"Yours Truly" puzzle was made in collaboration with Neon District, Twisted Vacancy, Age of Rust, Axie Infinity, Cryptokitties, Cryptovoxels, Opensea, and SuperRare.

Godfrey Meyer

Virtual Museum

The doors were locked when we tried to knock. Left outside, we had no choice, but to build our own museums out of holograms. About the work 4k x 4k // Mixed Media Digital / Cinema4d / Octane / Photoshop.

Learning To Human

Researching, programming, seeking, searching, sorting, building, destroying, experiencing, failing, winning, losing, gaining, receiving, giving. We are just learning to human. Can you see the painter/

Spaced Painter


Earth’s progenitor and nurturer, Eartha inhabits the timeless dimension where she continuously gestates a new Earth which, through her tears, she populates with primates made in her image. Sad tears these are as over and over she goes through this rebirth process in the knowledge that this new Earth too will perish in the hands of the very creatures she grants life to ad aeternum.I’ve hand sculpted this character in Virtual Reality, then created the scene, animated and filmed it synchronized to the soundtrack. Cinematic Immersive VR Art by Spaced Painter. Soundtrack “Quartz Emerald” by Extra Terra. Specs: 60 fps mp4 3840 x 2160 res (4K)

Uroboros Twins

Take a glimpse, fellow human, into the unfathomable cosmic dance of the adversarial twin gods through whom climax planets are born. They are Yin and Yang in perfect symbiosis. The cosmic Ouroborus pair who wrestles their phalluses into explosive creation.I’ve hand sculpted these characters in Virtual Reality, then created the scene, animated and filmed it synchronized to the soundtrack. Cinematic Immersive VR Art by Spaced Painter. Soundtrack “Tribal Waves” by Extra Terra. Specs: 60 fps mp4 3840 x 2160 res (4K)

By Which The Sun Was Nibbled On

This obscure Trickster god dwells at the edge of good and bad, right and wrong, male and female. A mischievous jester archetype in charge of protecting the Cosmic Egg while juggling planets as well as their own impulses (dark and light) like the time this joker secretly broke the Egg and drank of the sunshine in an attempt to illuminate their eyes and soul. I’ve hand sculpted this character in Virtual Reality, then created the scene, animated and filmed it synchronized to the soundtrack. Cinematic Immersive VR Art by Spaced Painter. Soundtrack “Blockchain” by Extra Terra. Specs: 60 fps mp4 3840 x 2160 res (4K)


Airdrop to current Decentral Eyes NFT holders



Flower skull with brain seeds.


This is a new digital imagining of the original Spectr character I turned into a resin toy when I began using this artist name around 2012. This crazy individual grew out of an automatic-drawing session, a technique I still use to this day if I want to generate warped and fractured looking characters. I have fond memories of buying resin and silicone in bulk for the first time and pouring a limited run of these guys out in a grungy old garden shed. The resin toy comprised of 5 separate moulds, not the easiest design to begin with, but I like to challenge myself. Now one collector can own this tasty slice of digital 3D character Art. Due to the limit on upload size here, I will also provide the collector with a maximum resolution copy of the model in addition to the token if or when they request it.

Toby Spikes - Down In The Pond series

This is one of many plankton and sea-life inspired characters I created recently while developing a story that takes place in a tide pool. I imagine Toby living in a surreal little aquatic fantasy world, and now I’m sending him off to swim the blockchain seas, I’m sure he’ll be fine, he has some decent spikes and powerful flippers on him, plus 5 eyes can't be bad! Hand sculpted and painted in Oculus Medium. Due to the limit on upload size here, I can provide the collector with a maximum resolution file of the model in addition to this token if they wish to request it.—down-in-the-pond-series-11748


A statue for the Metaverse; a warning to all those who enter that we must avoid allowing the gatekeepers, middlemen and overseers of the old world to mediate our experience of this new digital frontier. Hand modelled entirely in virtual reality using Gravity Sketch on Oculus Quest 2. Bespoke doom soundtrack written by Cosmognostic. Drums performed / recording engineered by John Simm.

Golden Cyclops

Remarkably well preserved this is believed to be the only Golden Cyclops in existence. This 1/1 NFT includes the delivery of a hand sculpted physical cold cast sculpture made from metal infused resin that is then finished with a centuries old Gilding technique using 24ct gold leaf.

Bronze Cyclops

Dredged up from the deep, this ancient rare NFT includes the delivery of a hand sculpted and hand finished, cold cast physical sculpture cast in Bronze metal resin including AR marker “iris” for the delivery of further digital art and insights.

Pearl Cyclops

A cyclops without it’s shell. This rare and delicate creature brings with it the delivery of a hand sculpted and hand finished, physical cold cast sculpture made from resin infused iridescent pearl powder, polished to a high lustre.


Audio/Visual Collaboration with Music Artist Anjulie. 'For all those that stand before the Coveted Constructs they are often struck with varying manners of emotion. Awe, empowerment, delight, shock or even lust. (Depending on who you speak to) The Constructs are providers, forever self-sustaining and givers of life to its surrounding dwellings. Yet, despite its marvels the constructs are bizarrely covered from certain visitors to not draw attention to itself. Often imposed by the apparent judiciaries of the constructs who supposedly govern how they should operate.'

The S.V Squawker is now boarding

‘In the age of Abundance, society’s elite take long luxurious cruises into the skies to escape the problems of the world. Ships crafted and fashioned after creatures long since extinct perform rituals of maintenance before setting off into the clouds. As guests stare in awe of the progress of their cityscapes and technological marvels, none of them have actually seen real birds before. That's simply ridiculous.' Selenus Mortimer - Age of Abundance.

Jin / Dank VR

There are bits of information invisibly flowing all around us in ever increasing rates. Considering that 90% of the world's information was generated in the past 2 years, our world has become completely submerged within a digital reality. The Internet Archive is a modern day Library of Alexandria with a mission to provide Universal Access to All Knowledge. Within this former church, the servers behind these walls currently store over 330 billion web pages, 20 million books and texts, 200,000 software programs, 4.5 million audio recordings, and much more. Since 2015 the Internet Archive has called for a distributed web and has been experimenting with systems like IPFS for its own systems. Within this Great Room the original architects of the web like Vint Cerf and Tim Berners Lee along with the next generation have gathered to discuss technologies of the decentralized web and how we can build it together.

The Archives

The web is an ephemeral media, always growing in size, and stuck in a constant state of rot. Even as nature has slowly overtaken the church, a faint hum can still be heard coming from the machines. As our society became more digital, the archives have played an increasingly important role in preserving our culture and all knowledge into the ultimate library and allowing universal access. Perhaps by delivering on this ambitious mission the Internet Archive could be considered by future generations as one of the great Wonders of the World.

The Golden Era

Are we living during the Golden Age of the Internet or has it already come to pass? Time moves in one direction, memory another. Artifacts have played an important role throughout history for societies to preserve their culture and heritage. Without them, civilization has no memory or mechanism to learn from its successes and failures. Much of the cultural artifacts of the past 20 years are produced in digital form. The Internet Archive is the amber of the information age. The Archive's vision is to build a version 2 Library of Alexandria and provide Universal Access to All Knowledge. Within this former church, the servers behind these walls serve millions of people each day with access to over 330 billion web pages, 20 million books and texts, 200,000 software programs, 4.5 million audio recordings, and much more.

Brendan Dawes

The Sum

A block made of 12269 other blocks – the number of Whale Discord members at the time of this works' creation – come together to form a golden Whale.

Bryan Brinkman

Whales creating new whales. A never-ending cycle of growth.

Arsenic Lullaby

Dark Ceremony of the Whaleotarians

They stand vigilant, offering fiat as a sacrifice...waiting for a sign. All cells for this were illustrated traditionally, with ink and brush, then digitally colored and animated.

John Orion Young (JOY)

Two complementary forces become one. Linked forever through blocks in the chain. Blowholes full of cherry blossoms. Spraying renewed life through all turns and flips. Creating a new shared reality. A forced harmony or a powerful commitment?

George Boya

Whale Rider

Whale Rider, the fierce warrior of deep seas and cloudy skies. He is riding a Cyberwhale, with the Spear of Eternal Flame in hand and the Whale Summoner's Horn! Enemies of Whale, beware!

Didler RA


Third character from the CYBER FREAK CIRCUS


The Sperm Whale, a spouting fish with a horizontal tail, is, without doubt, the largest inhabitant of the globe; the most formidable of all whales to encounter; the most majestic in aspect.


A Moment In Eternity

Existence and non-existence form the fundamental constants of the ever-changing flows in the metaverse. They remain both constant companions and reminders to embrace the journey we are on.

Alotta Money

Where There’s A Whale

“There is, one knows not what sweet mystery about this sea, whose gently awful stirrings seem to speak of some hidden soul beneath...”

Twisted Vacancy

Sage Of The Sea

Who's ruling the Sea? The mythical place where all mystery remains unfolded. The uncrowned King, ruling by wisdom and knowledge. Whale; The hermetic, Sage of The Sea.

Reinhard Schmid


By the artist who loves beauty and mechanics. Digitally created mechanical watch/clock, resembling a luxury or collectors item. The whale theme is shown on the body, the doors and the animation playing at the full hour. As soon as the hands move to 12 o'clock, a window opens. You see an ocean of small sheets that look as if they were cut from a solid material and moved by mechanical wheels and levers in the clockwork below. A whale surfaces, blows and dives again, driven by the same mechanism.



Blend in and out... Take a deep look in the marvelous world of Whale.


Whale Explorer

In search of unexplored worlds


3rd Vortex 2021 Sabet

We float through a space we don’t understand. Building dreams while connecting to a source we can’t see. We create from a space where possibilities are infinite. This is the 3rd Vortex, which I like to call The Love Vortex. - Sabet


Be Whale and Prosper

The idea behind “Be whale and prosper” is to celebrate the pillars of prosperity. Ever since the whale community started I’ve been amazed by the waves of knowledge, participation and creativity that emanates every day from its discord channel and events. Community members that care about each other and want others to join them in their voyage. Financial prosperity is only a consequence of the wealth of information, relationships and presence of mind in a community as strong as whale and this deserves to be celebrated. 3D rendered skull with materials and reflections applied to balance and opaque mosaic on the skull. 3500 x 3500 rendered at 250 ppi.

Giant Swan

A Pod of souls entwined and welling

East of here, I remember seeing a group of souls bonding in their journey to warmer waters, their scale immense and their motion steeped in expression, it was hard not to look at them no different from us. Sculpted in Virtual Reality, 3820 x 2140 mp4


City Balaenoptera

The blue whale, one of the most majestic creatures on this planet swims by like a train moving through a city of coral.

Rare Designer

WHALE Universe

Cyborg Whale live in the depths of space. Sliding travelers who transit space. Art inspired by the genus Cyberpunk.